29 July 2014


OK, so perhaps it's a little strange to write a blog post purely around shelving but with four days until I move into my new flat, I'm trying to gather as much inspiration as possible. I have so many ideas on my virtual Pin boards, and shelf styling is one of them.

There are people in this world who will put things upon a shelf and then go about their day. I'd say that's the majority of the world. And then there are people who will organise and style their shelves as if it were a shoot in Home & Garden - that's me.

From bathroom shelves with pretty glass jars to hold cotton wool buds and freshly folded towels, through to kitchen shelves with mason jars next to spices, all perfectly imperfect in terms of co-ordination. Take a look below to see what I mean.

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28 July 2014


 1. Skinnydip Case £18.00 Topshop 2. Glow-in-the-dark £16.50 J.Crew 3. Crushed Metallic Phone Case £7.40 Forever 21 4. Robinson Printed Striped Case £25.71 Tory Burch 5. Snake Effect Leather Phone Case £85 Net-a-Porter 6. Alphabet Cover for iPhone £14.95 The Letteroom 7. Left Bank by Kerrie Hess iPhone Case $50 The Diary 8. Pastel Flower Case £19.99 Nikki Strange 9. Cheetah iPhone Case £25 Fossil

It seems the gap between blog posts is getting larger and larger, but it's honestly not my fault. OK, it is my fault a little bit seen as I've been on holiday for the past week but still, I did think about blogging whilst I was sunning myself but then just couldn't summon the energy to lift my finger to type.

It has, however, been really nice to get away again and recharge after a manic few weeks at work and designing prints most evenings when I get home. If you follow me on Facebook you'll see I've put a few pics up of my jollies so there's no need for a full rundown on here - just head over and make sure you click 'like' if you haven't done so already.

Anyway, I've had this little post on my list of ideas for a while now so I decided this morning I'd actually start compiling it. For those that know me well, know I'm a sucker for a bling-tastic or utterly tacky phone case (check out my DIY here) but I'm thinking it's about time I got something a little more, well, grown-up for when I have to get my phone out in front of serious adults.

I can't decide which one I love the most from the above out of the striped Tory Burch, the Go Big J.Crew design or finally the illustrated Kerrie Hess design. How stunning is this drawing? If you haven't seen Hess's work, make sure you do by visiting her website - she creates commissioned art pieces and is incredibly talented.

Which one is your favourite from the above nine?

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18 July 2014


Recently I've become a little obsessed with LWD's - that's little white dresses to me and you. Pinterest has some amazing street style inspiration and with summer in full swing, I don't think there's a prettier look than sunkissed skin and a white dress.
OK, so I'm more than likely going to spill something down in, but I've decided to get one dress, add three items each and create three very different looks. I absolutely love this lace applique dress from Topshop (which is currently in the sale so get in there quickly) and love how it can work for both day time and night time.
My first look is perfect for a summer wedding although I'm not too sure you're allowed to wear white at a wedding are you? OK, let's say this is for a garden party instead. I love the simplicity of this look with a collarless white blazer, nude clutch and courts - the snakeskin detailing on this adds just the right amount of interest.

1. Leaf Applique Mesh Overlay Dress £30.00 Topshop 2. Square Clutch with Zip Top £15.00 3. Nude Courts £79.00 Dune 4. White Collarless Tailored Blazer £48.00 Lavish Alice

The second look was more of a festival look. The first piece I fell in love with was this amazing blue bag from Dune. How gorgeous is that colour with the gold hardwear? Throw over a khaki shirt jacket and some brown Chelsea boots and you're good to go.

1. Leaf Applique Mesh Overlay Dress £30.00 Topshop 2. Lightweight Shirt Jacket £45 Topshop 3. Brown Low Block Chelsea Heel £24.99 New Look 4. Blaze Blue Chain Bag £65.00 Dune

Lastly, I wanted to create more of a summer holiday, relaxing by the pool look so I added a beautiful embroidered kimono from Miss Selfridge, this beautiful statement necklace and rose gold Birkenstocks - who would have thunk it, old lady slip-on's totally back in fashion thanks to Celine.   

1. Leaf Applique Mesh Overlay Dress £30.00 Topshop 2. Statement Jewelled Necklace £28.00 Oasis 3. Burnout Fringed Kimono £45.00 Miss Selfridge 4. Rose Gold Leather Footbeds £20.00 Dorothy Perkins

So overall, which is your favourite look? I think mine is going to have to be number three. Actually maybe number one....or number two. OK, I'll have them all. Are you a fan of the LWD? Let me know if any of these looks catch your eye.
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14 July 2014


Midi Dress in Pretty Rose Print £38.00 ASOS, Happydays Laser Cut Peeptoes now £10.00 Topshop, Tan Shopper £14.99 H&M, White Collar Similar Here and Here

Wow, an OOTD post outside, what a first this is. I fell in love with this green industrial background when we were at Bread and Butter in Berlin last week so I ask one of my work colleagues to get some pictures set against it. If I had someone to take my photograph all the time and ace backgrounds like this, capturing what I'm wearing on film wouldn't be half as traumatic.

Anyway, this dress is one of my new favourite things to hang in my wardrobe. I've bought quite a few dresses recently from ASOS, this being one of them and the colour and print make it feel vintage whilst still having that luxe feel to the fabric.

I teamed it with my collar which I got free many season's ago in a goodie bag from Vero Moda, my nude Topshop flats and my tan H&M shopper bag which I use daily. Although you can't see from these pictures, this bag has a detachable purse which is perfect for keeping my passport and documents in when I'm travelling.

Anyway, here's two more pictures of me looking exactly the same, except one face is trying to be casual and the other windswept. Enjoy.

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13 July 2014


What a week this has been. Actually what a month. After moving back to Leeds from London I seem to have been on the go nonstop, which in turn has seen I Heart Fashion fall off my radar a little. I moved away from blogging about life for a second and just lived it. I've been to Florence and Berlin, the latter taking up my whole last week - a week when I received some AMAZING news. 

One of the things I wanted to complete on my bucket list before I was 30 was to put myself forward for a blog award of some kind. This year it was the Cosmo Blog Awards 2014 and with that, I put my case together and nominated I Heart Fashion for Best Lifestyle Blog. It seems a few others did as well, and with the judging panel deciding that IHF was kind of OK, I discovered on Monday morning I'd been shortlisted. I was in the car on the way to the airport when I found out and I literally couldn't breathe properly. I text nearly everyone in my phone and, of course, called mama straight away. It is such an amazing feeling to have worked on something for as long as I have - five years in fact - and for someone else to think it's worth a read. I am up against some amazing blogs which you can find here, so I fully expect not to win, but just the feeling of being shortlisted is one I won't forget. Plus, I'll get to dressed up and go meet so many amazing bloggers at the awards night so I'm very, very happy.

So with that said, I had to wait until I returned from Berlin to be able to write anything and let anyone really know how to vote etc for me. Berlin was great as usual, but travelling for work always takes it out of me so this season I retired to bed before 11pm most nights and didn't burn the candle at both ends like I would have normally. 

With work as manic as it is, including two photoshoots and two of the biggest issues of the year needing to be done, the fact that I am one, going on holiday next week and two, moving house the week after I return, seems that have slipped my mind. Life seems incredibly manic right now, but I want to really step up my game when it comes to IHF - if you think it deserves to win Best Lifestyle Blog, you definitely deserve some great stuff to read. So here's to the next month or so where you can place your vote over at Cosmopolitan's websitehttp://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/blogs/cosmo-blog-awards-2014/cosmo-blog-awards-2014-shortlist, and also a month of craziness for me. I definitely don't like to do things by halves and this is just another prime example as I settled down to design nine prints I have waiting to be delivered, getting ready for a MAJOR week at work, get ready for a full-on family BBQ tonight and needing to answer all emails and life-sorting-out that has fallen by the wayside from this past seven days. 

Oh and a quick note, if you were one of the gorgeous ones that nominated me for the Cosmo Blog Awards, then I just want to say thank you so, so much, you probably don't realise how happy you've made me but it's such an amazing thing to be able to tick off my bucket list. Thank you x

Thank you so much for nominating I Heart Fashion for Best Lifestyle Blog, and if you think it's worth winning the title, then click here to vote over at Cosmopolitan.co.uk. Peace and love.