There no other time of year where I think twice about being single apart from Christmas. Having concentrated on my work for the past couple of years, my relationship status has taken a bit of a back seat and men have been the last thing on my mind. And I'm actually rather happy with that. I'm fiercely independent, am happy to travel alone, live by myself and am usually so busy on an evening and weekend that I don't have that much time to take these burning loins to the cattle market.
I'm happy that is until the festive season hits. I used to think this time of year was rubbish when I first became a single bean. I'd say 98 per cent of my friendship group are in couples, so when it comes to planning stuff it's couple central, then me, the gooseberry. But then last night in bed I got to thinking about the pros and cons about being a solo festive fancy and the pros definitely outweighed the cons. So I thought I'd put together ten solid reasons why you should rejoice if you find yourself in the singles category this Christmas.
  • You'll save a hell of a lot of money with no man to buy presents for. And you know what you can do with all that money you save? Spend it on yourself of course. Zara sale anyone?
  • Even though you won't have anyone other than grandma and her questionable moustache to kiss on Christmas morning, you'll have the chance to kiss more than one questionable man under the mistletoe on Christmas Eve - and New Year's Eve for that matter. It's deemed suitable to kiss many a man over the festive period. It's what Jesus would have wanted I'm sure.
  • You can eat as many Celebrations/mince pies/selection boxes as you so wish without worrying about what your BF will think about your food baby. Be as greedy as you want because aint no one seeing you naked bar yourself - quickly, in the a dimly lit mirror, before you slip on a onesie.
  • Boxing Day can be spent slobbing out in front of the TV, wearing your PJ's and watching Sex and the City. Or even sale shopping with all the money you've saved not having to buy any crap football/car/action computer games.
  • You won't have double to amount of social engagements to go to. Plus, if you want to lie and get out of something like your great aunt's annual eggnog get-together, you won't have to worry about dumbo giving the game away.
  • You don't have to worry about your dad saying something completely inappropriate to your better half over the dinner table.
  • What's better than cuddling in bed? Erm, having the whole bed to yourself and star fishing all night long. That's what.
  • You never know what could happen at the Christmas party. After copious amounts of wine, that random guy from IT could start to look almost attractive, in a Big Bang Theory kind of way. So what if you drunkenly snog him and then have to avoid getting your computer fixed until either you or him leaves. That's the whole fun of being single.
  • You can cry all you want to Love Actually, Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, Frozen, the John Lewis advert, the Sainsbury's advert, even the DFS advert. Cry away like a baby and don't worry about anyone asking you, "is it that time of the month?"
  • And finally, Christmas is a great time to be single because it could be last one before husbands and babies come along, so enjoy every second. You could meet the man of your dreams and be having a very different Christmas in twelve months time so now's the time to slob out, eat to your hearts content, snog as many guys as you can and do whatever the hell you want without having to ask anyone else. That's my plan anyway.


1. Pomegranate Noir Home Candle £40.00 Jo Malone 2. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream £35.10 John Lewis 3. Limited Edition Marylin Monroe 1955 Framed Print £99.00 Made.com 4. Shore Projects Light Blue Poole Watch £115.00 Liberty 5. 102 English Things To Do Book £7.99 Oliver Bonas 6. Nails Inc Teatum Jones Designer Collaboration £9.00 & Emma Shipley Emerging British Talent Collaboration £12.00 Debenhams 7. Classic Book Cover for eReader £24.95 Klevercase 8. Personalised Large Wooden Crate Planter £39.00 Plantabox

I feel like mums or grandmas are the easiest people to buy for. One, because no matter what you get them they're always going to love it (or at least pretend to), and two, if your mum is anything like mine, then she'll have had an Amazon wishlist ready and waiting since April that year. 

But just in case you were stuck for some ideas to buy the woman who probably does everything for you, I thought I'd put together the first of my gift guides. I know some of these pieces are expensive, but I wanted to inspire you, even if you look somewhere cheaper for a similar present. I especially love the classic book kindle cover, I think my mum would love something like that - how pretty would it look on your bedside table wrapped up in this Jane Eyre cover?

I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet, but when I do I suspect buying for my dad and brother-in-law will be the hardest, as it is every year. Make sure you check out my blog this time next week for a rundown of the best gifts to buy the males (including boyfriends) in your life, then the week after we'll be looking at your best friend/sister. Let the madness begin...


After what we can now definitely confirm as an Indian summer, winter has well and truly set in and with that comes the need for chunky knits and thick fleece tights. I couldn't have received this parka at a better time, with my car windscreen frozen and my steering wheel bitter cold when I set off to work on a morning at the ungodly hour of 6.50am. 

Courtesy of Wallis, this fur lined beauty cost £60, down from £75 and is snug whilst still being lightweight. It has pockets big enough to fit my keys, phone and the odd packet of Werther's Orignals in, as well as having a cosy fur trimmed hood to keep me warm early doors.
It's taken me ages to get some shots of this coat, simply because they weather's been so bad up north. I wanted to get some last weekend when I was out for coffee with my friend Hollie, but the rain wouldn't stop and we both looked like drowned rats. Not a great look. Although this job definitely did it's job of keeping me warm. 

Anyway, the rain stopped at lunch time today so I popped outside to do an impromptu photoshoot. You can see I hardly wear anything special to work - just leggings, a white shirt from Topshop and a Daisy print dress from Glamorous. Layers, layers, layers people. 

Take a look at these shoes though. Ah, now the shoes I love. They were only £12 from Asda and I picked them up this weekend so you should still be able to buy them if you fancied having a change from the usual boring black ballet pumps.

Now here's for the best bit. Wallis are offering one lucky I Heart Fashion reader the chance to win a coat of their own from the website up to the value of £80 (click here, here and here to see my favourites). All you have to do is enter below by tweeting about the giveaway, liking I Heart Fashion on Facebook or following Wallis Fashion on Twitter.  And if you do all three, then you'll have three chances to win. Simple huh? Good luck.

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  • There will be no monetary swap. The prize is a coat up to the value of £80 and can not be swapped for an alternative piece of clothing.
  • Although the winner will inform I Heart Fashion of his/her choice, the final product will be posted out by Wallis, who is hosting the competition.
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With a free Saturday (apart from a spin class this morning which I was dreading, but actually quite enjoyed), I decided to get my craft on and make some candle holders from some spare jam jars I had piling up in a cupboard. 

It was so hard to find candles to fit in these jars, I ended up going to Asda, Wilkinsons, Dunelm Mill, The Range and B&M Home Bargains - not that I minded, these shops are like heaven to me. I always spot so many gorgeous pieces for my house, especially in The Range, I could spend a fortune in there. 

So I went back to school and got the PVA glue out, starting with some clean empty jam jars and using masking tape to make a nice straight line before sprinkling a little silver glitter on. 

Whilst I was in Dunelm Mill, I noticed they had some really nice beaded ribbon so picked up two meters worth for £5. With super glue I attached that to some of the jars which didn't have glitter on, and along the line on the jars that did.

I popped them along my window sill and think they came out really well. My camera didn't pick up the detail because I couldn't seem to get it to focus properly with low lighting, but I think you can still see the finished article pretty well below. All these came in at just over £15 including the six candles from The Range, and they make the perfect Christmas window decorations or table setting focal point.