Post date: 22 August 2014

Check out my first attempt at creating an animated GIF people. I know it's pretty armature but I'm trying to do different things with my blog going forward and I thought this was a nice way to show off my gorgeous new grey suede boots. I'm really enjoying finding different ways to shoot things for my blog and also thinking of new ideas which aren't really covered on other sites out there. I think there's only so many 'monthly favourites' or OOTD's a girl can watch. It's time to do something different with blogging and I think the likes of Carrie from Wish Wish Wish or Lily Melrose of LLY MLRS have the right idea with their unique content.

From shoe emporium tReds, these medium heeled ankle boots are probably some of the comfiest heels I own and that is no exaggeration. The heel height is perfect for the nearly-30-woman I am, and there's cushioning to the sole which you just don't get with my usual Primark finds. Perfect for a night out when all I want to do is sit down and hear myself think.

Although these are described as dark grey, they do have a slight beige tinge to them, which actually makes them into a really nice colour - especially as ankle boots any darker would cut my legs off at the worst possible place. I think I'll wear these with a boho style dress (I'm thinking this one, or this one), or maybe a black dress and leather jacket to let the boots stand out a little more. 

You can buy these boots by clicking here and you're actually in luck as they've just gone in the sale, down from £54.99 to £29.99 - hurry up, click while you still have time lovelies.  


Post date: 20 August 2014

The law of attraction is the name given to the belief that "like attracts like" and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results”

Although I would never class myself as a religious person per se, I’m certainly spiritual in the way that I believe in fate - what is meant to be will be, and I believe what we put in, we will get back out of life.

I also believe in something called the law of attraction and that's what I wanted to write about today. Basically I think, and have done for quite some time, that positive thoughts can attract positive things into your life. And vise versa with negative thoughts.

There are times when negative thoughts creep into your brain, whether it be about the way you look, or not believing you can do something at work for example. Don't get me wrong, I’m just as guilty at self-doubt sometimes.

Take this for an example. Ever since I found out I was shortlisted for the Cosmo Blog Awards, I’ve doubted that I could win. Yes, OK, I think there must be a reason why I was shortlisted in the first place, I'm not stupid enough to doubt myself that much and believe it was some kind of typo. But I've looked at all the other entries and picked out two or three reasons why each of them could, and probably would, win over me.

But as I mentioned above, like attracts like. And what I mean by that is, I’m sending negative energy out so why wouldn’t negative energy come back to bite me in the bum. I have to stop.

I took part in a competition to design a moodboard for an interiors catalogue to win some vouchers a few months back. I did it and believed I could win. It wasn’t a case of being big headed, it was a case of putting together a pretty good idea and having the belief my idea could win. And I did. Little pat on the back for myself there. What I did is put positive thoughts out into the universe and they came back.

I haven't read The Secret but I fully intend to do so - if you don't know what I mean, it's a book which explains pretty much all about the law of attraction, asking the universe for something and believing it will much so, it usually does. My friend read this book and asked the universe if she could get married and she did. She got engaged in New York this weekend. See.

You can create anything you want, but to do that you must follow the principles of the law. Eliminate all doubt and replace it with the full expectation that you will receive what you are asking for. If you are not receiving what you are asking for, it is not the law has failed. It means that your doubt is greater than your faith.

I know it’s really easy when times get difficult to have a negative outlook. I used to be really negative about all of things. I'd get stressed very easily, I would be bad tempered and then something huge happened in my life where it kind of put all those little everyday niggles into perspective. My dad got cancer and it was the most difficult time in my life. So everything else, whether it be rude people, not having enough money, a boy not treating me how I should be treated, just kind of melted away. None of really matter in the grand scheme of things. I couldn't let any negativity enter my life because all our family needed was positive thoughts. He's back to full health now and I've tried to carry some of that positive outlook with me.

One of the things I like to do each morning on the train to work is look on Pinterest and Instagram for positive affirmations and sayings which resonate with me. Some people hate that sort of stuff, but I love it. That’s how I make a living with my Etsy shop god damn it, I have to love it.

So now I'm putting all this into practice and asking the universe for this: To be successful in whatever I do. Oh, and to meet the love of my life. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts people. If you want good things start believing they will…what’s the worst that could happen?


Post date: 19 August 2014

If  and when motivation is lacking, whether it be blogging, looking to spruce up my home or even creating a print, then one of the first things I'll do is log on to Pinterest. When Pinterest was first launched I couldn't believe how a simple idea could become so addictive. I have 43 boards, spanning food recipes, through to quotes I love and colours which make me happy. I pin everything and anything. When I got white sofas and didn't know how to style them, Pinterest was the first place I went for inspiration.
So this morning I wanted to put together a list of some of my favourite pinners, starting with the gorgeous Sarah Sherman Samuel. A fellow blogger - but waaayyyy more stylish - Sarah pins everything from fashion through to interiors. But it's the latter that always catches my eye. Simple colour palettes and texture upon texture, her home pins always get my interior brain ticking.
For gift wrapping and party inspiration, head over to A Subtle Reverly - full of arts and craft style posts, this is DIY for the everyday kind of girl. And with nearly 60,000 followers, it's clear to see there are a lot of people sitting under this category. How cool is this polaroid wrapping paper idea? Watch this space for hand painted plates by the way guys, it's one thing I keep planning on doing one free weekend.
Of course one person I couldn't miss from this list is Bri Emery, the founder of DESIGNLOVEFEST. One of my favourite pinners, Bri's board are inspirational from the get-go. If you haven't checked out DESIGNLOVEFEST then first of all, what planet have you been living on, and secondly when you do make sure you check out the collection of free desktop backgrounds for your tablets, phones and laptops. All created by Bri, you can see where her design process starts from by checking out her Pinterest here.

For wanderlust-inducing pins, head straight over to Gary Pepper Girl's Pinterest. This blogger is fortunate enough to travel around the world and there are enough amazing pictures here to make me want to jack in work and go exploring far flung destinations. Apart from needing a photographer boyfriend and model looks, I think I'd be pretty OK hopping from one country to the other, blogging about my adventures.
Food lovers amongst us will love Glitter Guide. OK, so anyone who loves pretty things will love this Pinterest but their food boards are amazing. With recipes and ideas of what to cook when entertaining, there are so many images of deliciousness. I especially love these little polka dot cheesecakes, enough to hand out at party's as an afters. And while you're on Glitter Guide, make sure you check out all their other pins - get ready to be inspired.


Post date: 18 August 2014

Is it weird to get so excited about picture after picture of cacti? As you'll know from Instagram or Facebook I have my own little housemate, Camilla the Cactus and she's ace. She's very independent, doesn't really need looking after and just does her thing.
I'm much more suited to this type of plant than needy flowers. Plus, how amazing do these little things look in all their fancy pots.
I love the copper designs below, but painted pots are definitely on my to-do list to have a go at.
Click read more at the bottom to see loads of urban jungle inspiration.


Post date: 14 August 2014

1. Blue Stripe T-Shirt Dress £39.95 2. Gold Plated Hare Earrings £14.95 3. Crew Neck Cable Knit Jumper £59.95 4. Cropped Chino £49.95 5. Jersey Pyjama Bottoms £29.95 6. Navy Slipper Shoe £89.95 7. Crème Stripe Jersey Top £24.95 8. Chambray Spotted Showerproof Hooded Mac £129.00

Quintessential British label Joules recently asked I Heart Fashion to curate a selection of weekend casuals from its latest collection and I have to say, I was surprised to see how many pieces I loved.